Logistics, Road Trips, and Adventure - OH MY!

After finishing all my last minute errands, dropping off my girls, and many suitcases to all the other pageant peeps - I finally eagerly awaited the arrival of Mawsie. For those of you who haven't had the chance to meet Mawsie - you are in for a treat! She is Christy's grandmother and she's a trip! A great woman and obviously she passed her greatness on to her daughter, Shawndel, and granddaughter, Christy. Anyway, this would be our second road trip ever and I knew it was going to be something else! Boy - I was not wrong either! But that's for another day! Rain followed us from Baton Rouge to Arkansas but we also met a very nice officier who taught Mawsie about her back sensors on her car; we also survived a rouge watermelon that came hurling towards us in the back roads of somewhere, and we saw a lot of Family Generals and Family Dollar's. (Yes, I promise you can hear about all that later!)

Finally at 11pm, we arrived in Little Rock. Once my feet hit the ground it was time to get into pageant coach mode. Dresses and steamers were awaiting me upstairs but pure exhaustion got the best of me. So I fell blissfully into a cloud-type bed and slept .... until the alarm clock went off at an ungodly hour. I sprang up and changed quickly, brushed my teeth and put on my TCM jacket to head up to meet Christy for a morning pep talk before hair and makeup at 6:30a. Once she was off, I began the challenge of making her evening wear look absolutely perfect through ironing and steaming - oh so much ironing!

Insert exhausted face.

Now - time to get myself looking better than death roaming the halls. As I was putting on my makeup and jamming to Pandora, I thought about superstitions. I thought about what athletes do before games as superstitious traditions, which led me to think about my own superstitions when I was competing. My mom, Vickie, used to get me pancakes on competition day. She let me cut up and watch cartoons and just be silly for the first part of the morning then I put myself into game face mode. I remember putting in my headphones and listening to music to drown out the world around me. I would say a rosary before interview. I would mark my routines in the stairwell, and I would always talk to my dad. (I dismissed him from attending pageants as I got older because he looked like he was being tortured. PLUS, one big pageant, I won when he wasn't there and claimed him as bad luck which sealed his fate of not coming to any more pageants.) So now as a pageant coach, I do lots of things the same every time I'm prepping for competition. I thought about the makeup I was putting on - it's a lot like game-time war paint. I did the wings on my eyes, added my blush, and put on my lipstick. I put my hair in a bun and added jewelry and then gave myself a smile in the mirror. Game-face ready.

Then rechecked all my bags I would need for the prelim tonight and prepared to move into the theater. But of course things are never that easy - no mam! At 10:30 I get a frantic call about the weather and having to move precious competition clothes down the street outside in the elements so everyone's in panic mode. Rightfully so! Then we grabbed everything we need and a rolling garment rack with competition clothes and started RUNNING down the street to beat the rain. Dodging cars, carefully maneuvering up and down ramps, and all while running FULL SPEED definitely became a new one in my book. But we made it!

So now I sit and running through my head all of what needs to be done today. I think about my girl who will be competing and what all she may be thinking so I know what I need to say to her before she even knows what she needs to hear. I think about how to keep her calm and focused. I think about how to keep motivating her, be there to listen to her concerns, and most importantly - tell her how proud I am of her.

Today is a make or break it but it isn't a make or break it in life. Life will go on. Life will be better than this moment. But for right now this Moment has to be the BEST because tonight Christy will be at her BEST!

So gotta go for now - it's game time!