The final adventure

Sunday, July 30. 6:34 AM Car packed. Gigi and Pearl kissed. Mom and dad also hugged and kissed. In the car ready to head to Princess of America in Branson, MO. I pull out of the driveway at my parent's home. Sun is coming up. It's going to be a great travel day! I'm feeling confident about my girls. I'm feeling .... awesome. (Que motivational background music). I put on my sunglasses. Turn up my iPad. Drive. THEN .... (Phone rings) - it's my dad. Good grief I'm only five houses down! "Hello" "Erin, do you need your purse?" (Silence on my end) "OH BANANAS! YES, I'm turning around" Go. Return. Kiss. Hug. Reverse. Try again. (NOW que motivational background music!) Now, I'm OFF! It will take me 8.5 hours to get to Branson. This is my final nationals for 2017 Summer Season. I can't believe it's here. All year long TCM has been preparing for this 2017 season and now - they are all done except POA. It's very bittersweet. We have had some ups and downs and new lessons learned, but through all of it, I know that I'm still doing what I'm meant to do. The moms and girls who have completed their competitions are already very eager to get working on the next season which completely delights my heart because even though not everyone took home a top 15 placement and/or title - they still love the thrill of competition. So I'm ready for my final adventure. I got my Neuro Sonic and my snacks and an iPod of great music to sing out loud with. As I leave Louisiana and get into Arkansas, I see mountains, and beautiful scenery. A few stops and couple of Neuro's later - I arrive to Branson to meet the Molander's. Remember them? Well this is a new set of Molander's. Last year, 7 year old Emery Molander competed in International Jr Miss in the Jr Princess Division. She earned herself a top five placement! A week later, Emery and mom, Amy, went to Princess of America nationals and wouldn't you know it .... Emery WON 2016 Tiny Miss Princess of America! She had a great year complete with a trip to Miss America, a cruise, photo shoots, and so much more! So now, this is her final week of responsibilities as Tiny Miss Princess of America. But WAIT, there's more! Addalyn is the younger sister of Emery (but older sister of Karoline) and Addie will be competing for Emery's national title. So yours truly is getting to spend the week with three Molander's! Woohoo! We had a wonderful Sunday evening at Branson Landing. Water show, lights, dinner, and pageant friends! But now for a blissful night of rest before it's full on pageant bubble! I'm pretty impressed already with Princess of America. They have six age division queens, 1 superstar queen (Talent), 1 sweetheart queen (highest score in the entire pageant who did not win an age division queen title), and 2 Ambassador queens (Jr & Sr - a volunteerism title). TEN National queens! They are all equal and win all the same prize package. That's pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to a fun week full of new adventures not only with POA but also with the Molander's. These girls are all amazing. I love the Molander's basically because you are always guaranteed a spontaneous adventure AND the Molander girls all have such big hearts. PLUS Amy already said that if I survived a week with Crazy KK, Addie will be a breeze! (Oh crazy KK!). So here's to the final adventure - may it be full of happiness, great memories, laughs and only happy tears, and may my girls learn and grow from this experience. 

So as always ..... Go get 'me tigers!