Mother Nature, Meet Human Nature

The last couple of weeks have been full of unsettling times, uncertainty, and stress. We in the south have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and now we have turned our attention to Hurricane Irma, who will be hitting Florida soon. TCM had four families majorly affected by Harvey. Homes flooded with at least 4 feet of water, vehicles lost due to flooding, and everything inside the homes, gone. At some point in each of our lives, we have been faced with a similar obstacle, full of uncertainty, questions, stress, fear, and doubt. We can relate, in one way or another. But even before the storm broke up, our extended TCM family broke into action to help those in need. Families graciously gave whatever monetary donations they could, collected items from friends and neighbors to send, went through their own personal items to donate, and sent prayers & words of comfort. I was amazed by their selfless acts.

San Antonio moms set up a collection area for those who could donate within the community, and then coordinated a way to transport the items down and into the affected areas from Harvey. While traveling, I saw countless vehicles loaded down with water, furniture, and items, all headed to Texas to help - and there were just average citizens. Louisiana's own "Cajun Navy" jumped into action to help. (Last year in the Great Flood of 2016, citizens got in their own boats and went from neighborhood to neighborhood to rescue those trapped by the flood to safety. They risked their own lives to help others. They become known as the "Cajun Navy.") Louisiana moms donated items and gift cards for me to bring to Texas (once the water receded from the roads, allowing me safe passage). As well as so many other moms from Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and more, donated to help our TCM Texas families get back on their feet. But what truly amazed me was the TCM girls, who took inspiration from their parents, to start their own initiative to help the Harvey victims. TCM girls coordinated backpacks stuffed with items and toys for the children affected; they collected stuffed animals & board games; they collected shoes and wrote cards to bring a smile to their faces. Children helping children. Wow.

Now, just about 10 days after Harvey, the southeastern coast faces Irma. A Monster Storm. We have checked on our families on the east coast and have opened our homes to give them safety, food, and a warm bed. No matter what happens - through Irma, Harvey, or any disaster that we brazen - we will face it as a family. We will give openly to help those in need. We will comfort. We will pray. We will be there to stand by their side. That is what family does for each other - be the calm in the midst of chaos.

Thank you to each and every one who gives of their time, efforts, and talents to help someone in need. Your act of kindness, big or small, anonymously or face-to-face, no matter - has not gone unappreciated. Your kindness will be returned and paid forward.

Ready to do more? It's as easy as smiling.