Royal Marketing

Being a queen is definitely a job! A fun job! A hard job! A memorable job! But a job, nonetheless! Now, you have a director who can be like a "boss," meaning that they give you advice on appearances and prep for competition, but in the end, YOU, are the one who is responsible for your bookings and appearances. So here is today's topic: How do I market myself to make royal appearances? Do I have to use social media?

How do I market myself?

First impressions are key, and that goes for in-person as well as public profile head shots. The world we live in today is 90% technology and only 10% interpersonal relations. (Sad, really.) Therefore, on your email profile, computer profile, social media profiles, and everything in between, your profile picture should be classy, eye-catching, and memorable. If you are hoping to speak to school children or children organizations, I assure you no parent will book a "non well-represented" young lady to be any where near the impressionable children if your head shot is less than "the girl next door." That also means that when you leave your home, be well-groomed. You don't have to look like you are about to walk on the red carpet, but you need to brush your hair and put on pants that aren't yoga bottoms or sweatpants! (Unless you are going to yoga - ha!)

Reach out to the organizations you want to work with and tell them "WHY" you want to volunteer, along with "WHAT" you hope to accomplish. Don't just call and say you want to be a volunteer? Anyone can do that! Walk into the meeting like you are ready to be the new ambassador of the entire organization, with a plan and timeline. Next, make sure any of their dates and events have top priority. There is nothing worse than having someone sign up for something then they always give you an excuse.

Do I have to use social media?

No. You do not HAVE to use social media, BUT, you most definitely should! As I mentioned earlier, technology and the internet are a huge part of our every day audience. Utilizing the social media platforms and the internet are greatly advantageous to marketing. However, I am always an advocate for increasing and strengthening interpersonal communication, so in order to make your posts, you still have to engage in face-to-face events. So to better market yourself, you have to get bookings in order to post them!

"But - WAIT! - I don't have any bookings yet! What do I post?"

Ok, ok, you're right. Your posts could be of motivational or inspiring quotes, photos of you actively involved in your community or school, pictures of you working hard on school projects or with your personal platform, or even photos of you and your family. Just make sure your photos present yourself in a positive light and are "G"-rated. Absolutely no pictures of you drinking or anyone else "drinking" in your photo (regardless if you are "of age" and especially if you are underage!), no pictures of anyone smoking (even if you are "of age"), and everyone is properly clothed with no obscene gestures, etc.

To better utilize social media and the audiences they possess, you need to know which promos works best for you, along with hashtag campaigns, engaging your audience, and gaining more followers. But that will be a separate blog. You should be making 1-3 posts per day but that can be very time consuming so start simple at first, perhaps once a day or 3-5 times a week and include your title, and make sure you tag your pageant system. Building an audience takes time so don't be discouraged. Be patient and share your journey as queen!

Remember that YOU wanted this job and it's been a dream of yours to be in this position - so this makes it your dream job! Work hard, set goals, shares smiles, make memories, and change lives! Share your story with the world and one day, you could be the inspiration for others to follow in your own footsteps!