16 Weeks of Summer

Most summer vacations last for about 12 weeks. 12 weeks of no homework, relaxation, adventure, and leisure. But for me, summer lasts 16 weeks. How? Because I'm a pageant coach. My name is Erin Husbands, owner of The Crowning Moment. I used to say 'I raise beauty queens' but somewhere in my journey I started to say "I raise leaders." Last year I did my best to capture a small snippet of our 2017 Summer Season of Competition. We had laughs, tears, laughing tears, lessons learned, and tons of adventure. This year, I hope to bring you another perspective of our pageant adventures in our summer season.

16 weeks of summer.

After a busy spring season, I took a mini break to recharge and gain focus to help my TCM girls prep for the summer season. After my return, I wrote new pageant intros, devised new prep schedules, searched for new competition clothing, came up with new questions, and of course, in the middle of all that - I had to start moving. The office had to be completed first as to have as little disruption to my daily schedule. I also had to continue my teaching schedule. (I teach computer coding and graphic design to sixth grade at a local private school one hour a day, five days a week.) Nah - I'm not busy at all! So after looking at my color-coded calendar, I realized that somehow my 16 weeks of summer had started and I wasn't prepared! (Insert scrambling montage!)

I had already started my 6 days a week travel schedule. After a couple of weeks of moving, organizing, and suffering from zero sleep, I finally got back on my feet and super-duper ready to face the summer season. Currently, we are in the fourth week of prep for summer competition. May 31 is the first day of competition for our 14 pageants that TCM girls will compete in.

May 31-June 2 is LA NAM and America's National Miss.

June 15-18 is South Texas NAM

June 21-23 is Miss Louisiana - America and Young American Miss International

July 1-7 is International Jr Miss and USA National Miss

July 8-14 is Royal International Miss

July 17-21 is Teen America

July 19-22 is Regency International

July 20-22 is North Texas NAM

July 23-28 is USA Ambassador

July 20-Aug 4 is Princess of America

August 4 is Texas National Elite

As today comes to a close, 21 days are left to prep the first four girls for competition. My lists are made. Everything is color-coded. Dry erase boards are up and completely full. My binder is prepped. So competition season .... bring it on.

God only knows the adventures we will have, the memories made, and the experiences to last us a life time. Ready? Set. GO!