NEVER say never!

SECRET BUBBLE POPPED - I'M COMPETING ...... AGAIN! Nearly 9 years after stepping onto a stage and after swearing I would NEVER compete again, I'm putting on my fancy dress and shoes to compete once again. So ... never say never! HA!

I will represent Louisiana at the Miss Earth Pageant next July in Las Vegas. I'm thrilled and excited to go on this journey to refresh myself in the world of pageantry by combining my years as a former contestant, pageant judge and emcee, former pageant director, and of course pageant coach. I'm excited to see what old tricks stand the test of time and what new things there are to learn. All of this will be researched and shared with you to get a first point of view of competition. So join us weekly for updates and adventures!



I work with families with girls of all ages, from 3 years+. I put all my energy into making every decision for their prep work and competition. I work on their social media and promos, finding new ways to push and motivate them, and of course become a part of their every day life adventures. But as with all professions, you have to stay up to date and refreshed in your working industry to continue to be successful. After researching over the summer, I decided it was time to refresh myself to stay competitive in a competitive market. After a few years pass by, your told achievements and titles just become part of the past. Who wants to work with someone who lives in the past instead of designing a new future.



After really loving the Miss Earth organization for the past 6 years, while watching the summer nationals, I felt it was appropriate to bring another contestant from my organization to represent the teen division to offer the rest of my younger girls a different point of view. So Sydni T. and myself will represent our state at nationals and promote their national platform of conservation and sustainability.



So each week I'll host updates to see what it takes to prep for competition giving a few tips and hints along the way. We will also be hosting some give-aways and bringing you informative news about environmental issues and how you can help save our planet. Be ready to be informed and win free stuff! Stay tuned to YouTube, Insta, Twitter, and Facebook!



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