I am a juggling act.

For 26 years I competed in pageants. With each title I held, my mom taught me the importance of fulfilling that job for that year. It was her rule that I only hold one title at a time, but as I got older, it was out of necessity to hold more than one title at a time. I started competing in next-level systems. At the end of my "queen" years, I was busy with school & work. It was crucial to have good time management, but the responsibility was getting exhausting.

Now fast forward 8.5 years later, I am right back in a time management situation. As a small business owner with real estate, vacation planner, and marketing, besides being a full-time pageant coach, I have to manage my clients & their schedules, work projects, social media marketing, and my other work schedules - oh the list goes on! So how could anyone with a REAL life ever be able to be a pageant girl, or a pageant mom!?!?! This is a very real question that all pageant families are faced with.


I know in the next upcoming months our competition schedule will be so busy that I won't have time to sleep, much less play my role as a titleholder. I had to sit down and study my calendar and plan every single thing out. Every event. Every appearance. Every service opportunity. Now I am lucky that my job goes hand in hand with my royal duties, but that isn't the case for about 90% of title holders. Let's look at some ways that may help you get organized to be a better titleholder:

1. Pick and Plan. - Grab your calendar and look at ONE week alone. Do not look at the entire month, you'll feel completely overwhelmed. Pick the day from the week that gives you the most free time. Next pick the "something" that you want to do on this day - (A) volunteer, (B) make an appearance, or (C) spend time marketing yourself. If you see that you have another open day, do one more extra "something" to help you stay ahead.

2. Simplicity. - You don't have to do "something" every week, or even every month. You just need to be active and that can come from simple acts of kindness for your family, friends, and neighbors. Keeping it simple can be fulfilling and fun.

3. Go big, at least once. - Whether it's once a quarter or once a year, help organize or attend 1-2 really big community events. You could organize a fun-run, chair a food drive, spear-head a fundraising event, etc. Leave a lasting legacy from your reign.

4. Find a win-win. - During the holidays and change of seasons, your community will probably have a bunch of fun events. If you plan on attending the event with family or friends, remember to bring your crown and/or banner and stroll around the event for a bit. I promise someone at some point will want to talk with you and even take pics with you. You'll be able to share about your title & pageant system, your platform, yourself, and get an appearance at the same time.


#TCM has a 52 weeks of Service calendar. Each week has been laid out for the girls to participate in one fun & easy service project a week, WHEN they have the time. It's easy enough for the younger ones to still be active but broad enough for the older girls to mold the project into something meaningful to them. We teach volunteerism as fun and creative and it ultimately becomes just a normal part of every day life.

When training to become a queen, you plan all these events and service projects because you have a title to represent, but it's what you do when you aren't wearing that crown. While on my 8.5 year sabbatical, I still volunteered and attended fun events because for 26 years this had become a normal part of my life. I never stopped. Like I've said before, I've been training my entire life for this moment. So it all comes down to how badly you want something. Being a titleholder means you make sacrifices (before and after winning your title). You have to keep a positive daily life balance and inspire others through your actions. But above all, you have to love what you are doing. Leave a loving legacy.


I hope you've gotten a better idea on juggling real life with queen life. Have fun in your year because it'll fly by before you know it. After that, it's only a memory.