Girls Who Give - Service with a Heart

My favorite quote is by my favorite movie character, Hermione Granger, “I hope to do a little good in the world.” I think this is the perfect statement to explain what Service with a Heart means to me.  

When I really stop and think about service, I stop and reflect at what I have learned while being a part of many different service events. I believe it falls into five different areas: Helping others, Enjoying giving back, Always step forward, Respond with kindness, and Think of others first --Service with a HEART.  

Helping others is the first part of service that comes to my mind. When I am looking for a service project, I look for someone I can help. I always ask myself, the question, can I make a difference? I have come to realize that at 11 there are so many ways I can make a difference. My latest at home project has been making overnight care packages for the Ronald McDonald House. I have had numerous people donate items to make care packages.. This is an on going project I started two years ago.  

Enjoy giving back when I am participating in a service project. It not

only makes the recipient happier, but it makes brings joy to my heart to know that I have played a part in bringing happiness to someone else. Giving connects us to other people and this creates a stronger community. So do a little good and feel great! One of my favorite community events was a Glow Walk for Trey. Our community turned out and supported this event.  

Always step forward when you feel the call to give back. You know what I mean. You feel that tug in your heart telling you to take that step forward and be the person that gives their time and effort to the cause. I love the way my TCM sisters and I do this for each other. Supporting each of our platforms throughout the year is important to each of us. One way I have stepped forward is becoming a part of the Walk to End Alzheimer's.  I have coordinated a group to make signs and encourage the runners at our local events. My TCM sisters and I supported the Walk for St Jude's.  

Remember to always Respond with kindness when helping others. Your smile and sweet words of encouragement mean a great deal to the people you are helping. This past year, I had the opportunity to serve meals at a local shelter. One sweet older man, thanked me for my smile that day. He said it made his day seeing young people doing good with a smile on their faces. His words really touched my heart. Kindness can be shown to others in so many ways.  

Thinking of others first is the last part of service with a heart. I always learn about what and who I am helping before I begin. I think it is important to know the story behind the scene. I can really help if I

understand who or why I am helping. When I made goodie bags for hurricane victims, I researched what families needed. This helped me when I gathered supplies. Knowing what children need when they are in the hospital to help pass the time helped me when I choose books to send for them to read. The service is not about me, but about the person I am helping.  

Service with a HEART, is not just about my heart, but the heart of everyone who puts their heart into serving others. I just hope to do a little good in the world too.