Just a little update from TCM

Hello everyone! Sorry for the hiatus - April was Earth Month and I gave a lot of energy for helping to celebrate the Earth while giving education & raising awareness for others to become a #superhero and help #SaveTheWorld! So, I needed a tiny break so I could focus on getting my #TCM girls ready for their own summer pageant competitions.

Today, May 12, marks 44 days until I board a plane to compete at Miss Earth USA after not competing for nine years. Since September, I've been devouring the amount of information I can cram into my brain about recycling, conservation, and sustainability. I've been watching documentaries, listening to endless hours of podcasts, reading, and of course sharing my knowledge with everyone else through the weekly "Food for Thought" and "Super Hero Training" videos. However, I know that I've been amiss with those so now that I'm back from "queen vacation," I'll be releasing new training videos by next weekend.


Now in regards to TCM, we are now in our final few weeks before our 2019 Summer Season begins! We are super excited to be competing at multiple state competitions for National American Miss, Teen Miss Earth USA, Royal International Miss, Regency International, Miss United States, Princess of America, and more! Be sure to check our social media and website all summer long for pageant schedules, live streams, pictures & video, and so much more!

We would love to also follow your own pageant journey this summer as well, so if you would like to message us on Facebook or email (info@thecrowningmoment.com), we will follow and give you some pageant-family love through your pageant adventures!

Also, in August, TCM will be enrolling new pageant girls for next summer season. Seasoned girls may apply for fall competition as well. We would love to grow our TCM family and help you achieve excellence one moment at a time!


Thanks for checking in and reading our update! Have a Happy Mother's Day! Good to all who is competing this summer! See you on the stage!

- Erin Husbands

The Crowning Moment Founder/Owner