TCM May Girl of the Month: Khyleigh Caillier

Here's your chance to learn a little more about #TCM May Girl of the Month: Khyleigh Caillier, and her personal platform:


I am Khyleigh Caillier and I’m your Miss Louisiana Elementary! I am so happy to represent such a great organization. I love volunteering around my community while promoting the platform of BRAVE and my very own platform that I adopted with my big sister, The Yellow Ribbon Project. Along with my sister, I read to children my age and younger and inform them of the dangers of bullying. I also enjoy putting on puppet shows for the children! One of my favorite puppet shows to put on is The Three Bully Goats. It allows me to teach children the dangers of bullying while keeping the children engaged. Together, my big sister and I also volunteer with the children of deployed family members. We show them that we are there for them while they are missing their mom or dad. We read and arrange play dates with the children at the military post near our home and we also go into the child development centers and play games with them. We pretty much want to help them stay positive and in good spirits while their loved ones are away. Since becoming a TCM Girl, I have been introduced to so many volunteer opportunities, from helping at my hometown church with their food distribution day to volunteering my time with my other TCM sisters to help support Alzheimer’s Awareness! One of my most memorable volunteer projects was when my sister, her good friend, and me piled up in my mom’s truck and we went to help with a pageant called A Very Special Miss Louisiana. I know that I made my mom so proud that day. I made some great friends and look forward to going back next year! Volunteering with my TCM family gives me something to look forward to doing and it has helped me grow and become a role model and inspiration for not only children my age, but for all ages!

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