Geaux Green!

Just think … last year at this time I was contemplating coming out of pageant retirement after nearly a decade to compete for Elite Miss Earth USA. Now, a year later, I’m here writing this for you to read. Over the year I did everything a titleholder should: promote my title, make appearances, Volunteer, be present on social media, be an ambassador for the organization, and prep for national competition. Though the cards didn’t fall the way I had hoped I AM super proud of my year as a titleholder and a role model for my girls. So what now? Well, now life goes back to my kind of normal.

Being a pageant coach and social media marketer means that each day is truly an unpredictable adventure. But it also means that I have the opportunity to continue my environmental platform: Calling All Superheroes to help #SavetheWorld! By continuing my weekly Food for Thought videos and now monthly superhero training video, along with eco tips and helpful articles, I plan to continue to educate and spread awareness on recycling, conservation, and sustainability. Now is the chance to show others that pageant girls can still change the world even without a crown.

You can also become a superhero. Let’s start with the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle, however, recycling is actually the last ditch effort. The main focus should be on reducing your waste. A year ago I started recycling and noticed how much plastic I was using. From there I started looking at what I was buying in stores to see how I could make the switch to more sustainable products, such as aluminum, glass, or packing that can be reused. Now, thanks to reducing and recycling, I’ve been able to make the move faster towards going zero-waste.

Now it’s your turn to take the challenge: Next time you go to the gas station and grab some drinks, think about buying aluminum cans or glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. You can also bring in your reusable bottle and fill that up with fountain drinks instead of using the Styrofoam cups and plastic lids.

You can also do your part by refusing plastic straws and use your reusable straw instead. I carry a several in my purse, as well as my car. Single-use plastics also include Ziplocks bags and shopping bags. I found some great reusable food bags on amazon. I bring a few extras in my bag in case I need something to take home left-overs from restaurants. I also keep reusable shopping bags in my purse and in my car. I bring a few extra in the stores to share with other shoppers to hopefully inspire them to also make the switch.

These simple switches can make a huge difference for the environment. You don’t have to try to save the world all in one day, but it would be great for you to try to save the world at least once a day. You can share your earth-saving actions on social media and tag me. I would love to highlight fellow superheroes across the globe doing their part for the planet.

You can also use the hashtags: #superhero and #savetheworld to be featured across social media. I would also love to get your ideas on how we can educate and inspire others to become protectors of the planet.

Feed the find. Fuel the motivation. Together, we can #SavetheWorld!