Ocean & Reef Conservation

Let's take a moment to learn more about 2019 #TCM August Girl of the Month, Lili Shuger!


Living in Colorado is hard for an ocean conservationist, but even for a person living in a land locked state, I still find ways to help the ocean, and its animals. My platform, simply put, is ocean and reef conservation. I bring awareness to the problems of the sea, while also helping in my own way.

Four years ago I got my certification in scuba diving. Soon after, I got my advanced certification. I was never aware of the ocean and its problems until I got a first hand look. Whenever I went on a dive, there was always trash. It ruined the effect of the beautiful pieces of art we call coral reefs. Coral reefs are living organisms that have been built up over thousands of years which our man-made items have destroyed. One of the worst chemicals that kills coral reefs is oxybenzone, which is found in most sunscreens. Not only is trash and plastic found in the ocean, but on the shores. Most of these items are not biodegradable and hurt the loving and cute sea animals and their habitat.

Lili Shuger, 4Ocean bracelet

One of the things that I do other than raising awareness is do simple things for the environment. I use metal straws, reusable grocery bags, and reusable utensils & containers for my lunch. There are other ways to help by physically picking up trash you see on a sidewalk or road. I know it’s not the most pleasant thing, to pick up someone else’s trash, but unfortunately even our trash in Colorado can end up in our water ways. For other people, there are many ways you are hurting the ocean but you don’t even know it. To help the ocean you should cut down on plastic products, be careful of what chemicals you use in your garden, be aware of individual litter, donate to ocean charities, and donate your time to ocean clean ups. You can do all this and more to be aware of the ocean and how you’re helping it, even if you live in a land locked area.

I have just been elected as the Vice President of my school’s recycling club and we are making plans for an event to work with Sea Star (my school’s environment club) to organize a park cleanup. One of the other things I do is support 4Ocean. While being fashionable, I am helping the ocean. $20 goes towards one bracelet as well as 1 pound of ocean cleanup. So far, since 2017, 4Ocean has cleaned up 6,353,679 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines through their organization. In my own special ways, such as training to be a mermaid, I am promoting ocean and reef conservation so that more people are made aware of our ocean’s problems.


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