Geaux Green gets a "W"

August 31 was the season opener for LSU football and if you saw my September #Superhero training video then you should already know how sacred Saturday's are now during college football season. If you missed it, check it out below:

Geaux Green Tailgating

Our tailgate went green by utilizing reusable items and I even took the time to educate our crew on what to recycle, compost, or what's actual trash. We did an amazing job on cutting down on waste in the process and I was so proud of my entire group for helping me #savetheworld! So how did we do it?

First, I thought about the excessive use of single-use plastics we used last year. Instead, I headed to the Dollar Tree and got reusable bowls, cutlery, aluminum pans, and cups. Then I used my Cricut to cut out everyone's names for everyone to have their own tailgate cup. I even made a few extra for guests. I got the bigger size because we all know how thirsty we get in these hot Saturday football game days!

We recently got a Sprouts Farmers Market right down the street and after my first visit I noticed how eco friendly there were. I noticed they had certified compostable items such as compostable bowls, plates, cutlery, cups, and paper towels. Even the packaging of these items were compostable! So after double checking their certifications, I picked up the "made from recycled paper" paper towels, compostable bowls and plates, and compostable cups (with compostable plant-based packaging). (I know you're probably asking 'WHY did you get these cups if you made reusable cups?'. Well if you wanted to leave the tailgate and you didn't have a cup, you'll need one to venture off on your own. The customized cups stay with our tailgate so I can wash them and have them ready for the next week.) So now I had everything our tailgate needed to Geaux Green!

We set up the recycling bins that LSU provided and we went over what you can and cannot put in the recycling bins. We also set up a composting bags so the composting items can head home to a backyard compost. World Centric items are not only industrial compost friendly BUT also backyard compost friendly also! What a WIN-WIN! Then we had our regular trash can. I had hoped that by the end of our tailgate we would have little actual waste and I was even surprised how well we did with waste in general.

I always have fun at a LSU football tailgate, but I have to admit that I think I had more fun trying to save the world at our tailgate. I loved that people asked me questions (even if they were picking on me at first) and I love that they even corrected someone's incorrect placement of items to the correct receptacles. That for me was the "W" for the day.

I hope you've been inspired to set up your next event to be as green as possible! Get creative! Have fun! Be a #superhero and let's SAVE THE WORLD!


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