Think Global, Act Local

This week we hear from 2019 #TCM Girl of the Year, Sydni Terradot, about her Think Global, Act Local project as Teen Miss Earth USA!


When I first found out that I had to come up with a Think Global, Act Local project I immediately thought, “Wow, this is simple." Once I started brainstorming, I realized coming up with a “theme” for this project was much harder than I had originally thought. There were so many topics, issues, and platforms to choose from and narrowing that down was very difficult. Often times, we are not informed on what it is going around our world. The news in certain areas does not focus on Global Warming, climate change, saving the bees, practicing the four R’s, encouraging citizens to use sustainable items, and so much more. After taking this into consideration, a light bulb went off! If I could get flowers and plant them in citizen’s yards around my community, this will better the air quality, save the bees, and hopefully encourage them to keep up with their yards and even plant more flowers. My family and I always get our Christmas tree from a local garden center that has always been generous and

polite to us. I knew that if flowers are not planted in a certain amount of time, they will start to die because their roots will not be able to grow. I asked the owner of this flower shop if he had any flowers that needed to be planted as soon as possible, and if he was willing to donate them for my project. To my surprise, he gave me about sixty to eighty flowers!

That same day I set off all around my community asking people if I

could plant flowers in their front or back yards. Of course every house I went to, the owner asked why I decided to do this. I was able to explain my platform and encourage them to join me in saving the world as well. It honestly felt amazing explaining my purpose and educating the citizens of my community.

I come from a very small town where recycling and climate change are very rarely talked about. Many times people think that there are “bigger issues” or that they will be far gone by the time we start seeing consequences for all of the non-eco friendly habits of many people around the world, but this is far from true. The actions of today will definitely affect us later on, if not sooner in our lifetime. I believe that education is key. The youth is our future. We should educate the youth on how to live an eco friendly life. I believe that we can do a lot of this through the power of social media. A large range of people are on social media now and by just using a single hashtag on a picture, people from all around the world can see the post. I hope to use this great tool throughout my reign as Teen Miss Earth USA to show everyone what I’m doing to save our world and inspire them to do the same.


To learn more about Sydni's project and how you can get involved, visit her Teen Miss Earth USA page on social media as well as checking back on our website and social media platforms! Together, we can #savetheworld!