Crayola Initiative

This week we hear from TCM July Girl of the Month, Rylee Fonte, and her platform: The Crayola Initiative.


At only 8 years old, it can be hard to find a platform that you are passionate about. But two years ago, when I was sitting in class I started wondering what happened to all the crayons we throw away during the school year. I was shocked to find out that the wax used to make crayons are not biodegradable! And more than 12 million crayons are made in the United States EVERY DAY!

So I started researching ways to help the earth and how we can recycle crayons. That’s when I found different companies that will melt down the crayons and make them new again. So I started my Crayon Initiative project at school. After getting permission from my principal, and then meeting with the student council and the school environment committee, we agreed to start the project.

Outside of the school library I had a box where students and teachers could drop off used and unwanted crayons. I was so surprised to see how fast the box filled up! Within three days, I had to empty the box so more crayons could be donated. In that first week I had two shipments of crayons to be sent off. The project was only supposed to last a couple weeks, but it ended up lasting the entire school year.

Once I collect the used crayons I then package them up and ship them off. The crayons are then melted down and remade into new crayons. The best part is those new boxes of crayons are then sent to children’s hospitals across the country. Just one pound of used crayons can make 5 new boxes of crayons.

I am so happy that my Crayon Initiative is spreading. It is now in four local schools within my school district and has also spread to three states!!


You can get involved in your community to recycle broken color and markers, too! For more details send us a message on our website, on Facebook, or email us at