52 Weeks of Service

The most important thing my mother taught me about being a queen is to be a role model of volunteerism. When I was younger, after winning a title, it became my job for that one year to represent that title and do something great with it that would positively affects others. Now, as a pageant coach, it’s part of my job to instill this same value in my girls. When I first started coaching one of the most popular questions moms would ask me was “How do we start volunteering?” Though I gave them ideas there was still a disconnect.

Last year I launched a 52 Weeks of Service calendar which allowed any girl of any age in any location the opportunity to participate in volunteerism. Weekly we have projects such as volunteering at nursing homes, churches, women shelter, animal shelters, food drives, school supply donation drives, clothing drives, fundraising fun runs, and so much more. We even hold awareness days for breast cancer, anti-bullying, heart health, Alzheimer’s, Autism and more.

The goal is to encourage people to start volunteering in whatever capacity you can. The goal is to also help you find your passion about an organization that needs your help. So often we attend service events and see a need for something else and then we are inspired to start brainstorming so we can creatively do more and reach more people. Are you ready to start volunteering but still don’t know how?

  • Check out our 52 Weeks of Service calendar for ideas on how you can start

  • Think about what means the most to you (Childhood cancer, Disability Awareness, Animals, etc)

  • Search online to see what upcoming events there are in your area

  • Try to attend an event or an organization meeting to learn more

  • Bring friends/family with you to share in the experience

  • Figure out how you can do more or contribute to the cause for next year

It’s that simple. No matter what you do, know that you are helping others. It truly can be as simple as cleaning out your closet and donating to the goodwill. It can be simple as getting a hair cut and donating to Locks of Love. You can give your spare change to the Salvation Army or round up at the cash register for your coins to help end childhood hunger. Your efforts do help others, no matter how big or small.