I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Since I live in south Louisiana, I can dream of a white Christmas all I want but in all of my life, I have NEVER had a white CHRISTMAS eve or day! We have had our occasional patches of snow that fall and stick to the ground for a few hours. One time about 7 years ago, we had snow for several hours that stuck around for a couple of days, but that was in January. But I’ve recently discovered I CAN dream of a green Christmas and actually HAVE a green Christmas. Last week on Instagram, I rolled out the “Five Days to a Green Christmas” which covered Christmas trees & decorations, gifts and wrapping, and home holiday décor. So, in case you missed it, here is a recap of how you can create a green Christmas for your family and our planet this holiday season.

Christmas Trees

I know there is a huge percentage of people who believe Christmas is only Christmas when they have a live Christmas tree in their home. Some people like the smell, or the look, or the idea of taking the family out to a farm and cutting a tree down. I even grew up on this idea too, but now, I know that there are so many better options for our environment to help you still create the spirit of Christmas without cutting down trees.

  1. Using an artificial tree. But DID YOU KNOW that for your artificial tree to be considered “green” you would have to use it for at least 20 years? (I’m super excited to be celebrating 25 years of using the same artificial tree I have had since I was a child!!!) So, the take away on this one is (1) take LOTS of care of your artificial tree OR (2) you can actually rent a tree, though this one is more popular across the pond than here in the US.

  1. Another option is to gather foliage from around you to create unique tree ideas.

  1. You can also opt to use home décor to transform into a Christmas tree.

Traditions are hard to break but it’s okay to begin new traditions and teach our next generations the importance of making better decisions for the environment. This could be your new tradition and mother nature thanks you for it.

Tree decorations

Now that you have a new tree tradition, let’s talk decorations!

  1. Look around your home and see what you can reuse and transform into new décor! Try these paper towel roll Christmas stars. Or these ornaments made from nature right outside your door! You can also reuse your current ornaments and décor for your new eco-friendly tree like this.

  1. This fun idea is making angels from twine. Great children’s project and a great memory-maker from this Christmas.

  1. Or try this creative cookie ornament idea – though watch out for pets who might eat them!

Gifts and Gift Wrapping

There is a new trend coming out instead of spending tons of money on “the things” for Christmas this year. It’s more about gifting experiences. Video game gift cards are great or music gift cards, too. You can even gift concert tickets, movie passes, or you can inspire someone to begin their own journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle by giving eco-friendly items.

Now when it comes to wrapping everything to put under your new eco-friendly tree, consider non-traditional ways of wrapping. You can use fabric squares and create knot wraps. They are cute, easy, and reusable!

For those of you who still buy the newspaper, just the newspaper for gift wrapping. You can save the comics for the kiddo’s gifts!

If you do choose tradition wrapping paper, get the recyclable kind. Use the scrunch test to make sure – when you scrunch it into a ball and it stays, then it’s recyclable. If it un-scrunches then it is NOT recyclable. Also stay away from wrapping paper that is shiny, metallic, textured, or has glitter on it. These are NOT recyclable.

Home holiday décor

Now for the final touches on your home, inside & out, for Santa and the Christmas season.

  1. Use LED lights. They are better for the environment and better on your energy bill. Also consider unplugging your décor overnight.

  2. Don’t use the inflatable décor outside. They are a huge waste of energy. If you do choose to use them, consider limiting the time you blow them up.

  3. You can also reuse décor from years past or repurpose the décor you do have to spruce it up for years to come.

  4. If you really want “new” decorations, go to a thrift store and find “new to you” décor. You can use as is OR make a craft project to give them new life.

  5. You can make your own kind of wreaths from paper and twine, or corks, or even with fabric!

  6. Once again, you can head outside and gather foliage to make beautiful holiday décor.


I hope you find these tips not only helpful but inspirational for you to come up with more ways that you can create a green Christmas, create a new family tradition, and consider the environment and how your choices affect Mother Nature. Thanks for reading and go forth to be a #superhero and #savetheworld!