COVID-19 Quarantine Day 29

Wake up! It’s Monday! Another start to another quarantine week during all this #Covid19 craziness. Things are definitely becoming more “Groundhog Day” like each sunrise, sunset! So we are trying to keep things interesting as much as possible. How?

We start the day with puppy yoga on the balcony. Pepita likes to play with all of her toys right in my way as I’m in warrior pose or working on my core. She also likes to lay on my back while I’m in plank or on my chest while I’m doing ab work. She makes exercising more entertaining to say the least!

Then after a hot cup of tea and yogurt for breakfast, we start on computer work for a tiny minute. Just day to day tasks for marketing, jotting down ideas for fun TCM activities, pageant prep work, and working on graphic designs. However, now with the beautiful weather, Pepita and I have set up shop on the balcony so we can work in the fresh air and take in a little nature.

We sometimes run some daily errands like taking care of the recycling or grabbing things at the grocery store. Nothing too crazy! Then of course we have lunch at our new fav restaurant …. Le Chins! They always have a table ready for us and the service is excellent! The food is always fresh and tasty, too! (Actually, we eat on the balcony for lunch and most suppers. We pretend the chinchillas are the cooks (like “Ratatouille”). I’m the waitress while Zeke is the busboy. Pepita is the entertainment and Pearl is the owner, which is why you never see her.) We have fallen into the world of make-believe sometimes to keep us entertained!

The afternoon consists of virtual coaching which is the norm for me, and I like that THIS part hasn’t changed! So after my daily dose of “pageanting,” it’s back to sewing, crafting, cleaning, Pepi training, cooking, and maybe some more exercising. I’m sewing more now to help provide face masks to healthcare workers on the front line. That’s actually been super fun and easy! So many people are helping out in so many ways and it’s truly been inspirational to see the world step up and help in such grand ways! Many of the TCM families have taken on this task also. Some have learned to sew to help out and others have further developed their skill. Thank you, mom, for making me learn when I was super young!

So the day isn’t actually too interesting but we find fun ways to make things entertaining. Truly, the real task is not doing everything in one day as I have had to do in the past. Usually, I’m so pressed for time that it’s a race to get it all done in one day or just a few hours, if I am traveling on the road for out of state coaching. Now, it’s about spreading it all out so that my week has something fun to do on each day of the week!

At the end of the day we watch the news and chill before doing fun things together like video games, taking walks with Pepita or going run. We watch movies, do puzzles, or cook together. I will say that if this is the test to ensure we won’t kill each other during marriage – then so far, we have been doing great! Now, just to have the wedding!

So that’s my boring yet adventurous day. What’s yours like? Share with us your “new life” day to day adventures and maybe we can find new things to get into! Stay safe. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. Together, we will get through this!

Check back for the new of our new pageant help series: "How to Score with Scores."