A New Season begins!

The countdown is over because on September 7, I went back to work kicking things off with Texas coaching! August was my month off but let's face it - I didn't kick back and be a lazy couch potato! I did my homework and prepped for this new season! I woke up like an excited school-aged child on their first day of school ... or last day of summer ... depending on which child you ask! I woke up bright and early to make good use of the few hours I had before jumping in the car for Texas. Once the computer work was done and I noticed the time, I made a frantic dash to preps the fur babies for the day and get Pepita to daycare.

Once in the car and safely on the road, the pageant coaching adventures began as I made my way to Magnolia, TX. After a few phone conferences along the way, I made it there to surprise TCM girl, Ramsey, with her official TCM backpack & jacket! She's prepping for TX Jr High School America in October so we didn't waste any time to dive right into interview. The 75 minutes quickly flew by and next thing I knew, it was time for me to backtrack to League City to meet with Rylee!

We had a nice treat of being able to work poolside on a very nice evening! She was the first to be introduced to some of our new pageant prep techniques and can I say SHE LOVED IT! I am super excited to introduce this new fun way of learning public speaking to the rest of the group in a couple of weeks!

So after grabbing some extra Celsius, I hopped back in the car to head home to Baton Rouge. But once I got back home, I spent several more hours working on the computer and adjusting our marketing calendar for all the many areas I work on like travel agency, volunteerism, fitness, other blogs & podcasts, and of course TCM! I also laid out plans for Wednesday's coaching sessions, then finally went to bed at 2:17am.

Wednesday AM came QUICK, and since we are leaving for an extra vacay on Sept 9, I couldn't sleep in! So I made good use of my time by running errands and getting everyone and everything ready for our next adventure! I was able to edit the new video series "Behind the Scenes" that will premier on Sept 14 with an inside look on the daily adventures of being a pageant coach. Be sure to check that out on Facebook!

What else can you look forward to?

Coming up later this month: Look for TCM September Girl of the Month, Sophie Cruze's, interview and blog on herself and her personal platform. Learn how you can get involved with her platform and learn more about her interests, activities, and what's next for her as far as competition!

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