TCM August Girl of the Month: Carys Adams

TCM is excited to announce the August Girl of the Month to be Carys Adams of Oklahoma! She has been with TCM for over two years now. Here she will share with us about her personal platform and love for volunteerism:

When I was in 1st grade I was often in trouble for not sitting still, had a lot of trouble reading, and got distracted really easily. I told my mom it was like having bees inside my brain each carrying an idea my brain wanted to think about going different directions. I was evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD. Since my diagnosis I have been challenged by my parents and family that instead of calling ADHD my learning disability I call it my superpower. I have ADHD but it does not limit me from doing big things in life! I created ADHD the Superpower in me to encourage others to embrace their superpowers and to educate the people who may not understand or judge. My favorite moments are when I explain my definition of ADHD and another kid says “yes that’s it” Absolutely everyone has something that makes them unique whether it’s a challenge to overcome, a special skill or just something they are really passionate about, and if we share these things with others we create a community of inclusion and support rather than judgement and misunderstanding. So I launched the national campaign Shout Your Superpower to encourage others to be proud of their unique selves and recognize their own superpowers. We’re all everyday superheroes so #shoutyoursuperpower on social media today and if you do use the hashtag and tag me I would love to spotlight your awesomeness!