That's a wrap September ... Hello Halloween!

While most of the country welcomed Fall, here in Louisiana, we were greeted with hurricanes! After Hurricane Ida left her wake of devastation across Southeast Louisiana, the cleanup began. Family & friends from all over jumped in to help with getting supplies, finding safe places to stay for displaced families, and more.

In pageant land, TCM began preparations for Texas HSA and the winter national season. However, we had a minor interruption due to my husband and I buying our first home! So after packing over 50-something boxes, 22 bags, and more! - we moved from our apartment into a beautiful home near a little pond with duckies! I am excited to have an office that has a real door instead of just an open space!

We did wrap up TX HSA and we are very excited to report that Ramsey was the recipient of the Director's award; Ayssa won 1RU and Best Interview! That makes two years in a row that our Jr High delegate takes home best interview. We also won Sr Elementary Best Interview in 2020 as well!

Now we kick things into high gear for October, November and January's competitions and we cannot wait for our next pageant adventure! We have tons of service projects lined up so be sure to look for us on social media. You can check out our 52 Weeks of Service calendar and learn how you, too, can volunteer in your community!

Thanks for reading today's blog and be sure to visit our website regularly for updates competition schedules, service opportunities, and more about our TCM family! Follow us on social media and look for more videos on our YouTube channel!