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Alexandra is the 8 year old daughter of Roberto and Julie Castillo of Texas. She is the middle child, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She has 5 pets, one of which is her pet snake named Jack. She loves elephants and is a great softball player. Alexandra's platform is "Alexandra's Secret Smile Bags" which is where she stuffs goodie bags to hand out to random children during holidays to make them smile. Her school even picked up her project and hands out her smile bags to those who have been bullied or need a pick-me-up. Alexandra is the reigning TX Royal International Miss queen and placed top five in Princess Role Model division, finishing 2nd runner-up. In August, Alexandra competed at Princess of America and came out Top 10 and placed 4th runner-up in Little Miss Casual Wear. In November 2019, Alexandra won 2RU at America's Majestic Miss

2019 March Girl of the Month

Alexandra Castillo

Alexandra Castillo2
Grace Grimes.JPG
2019 April Girl of the Month

Grace Grimes

Elizabeth Grace Grimes is 12 years old from Gautier, MS. She has four older brothers and loves riding her horse, Cue; she's active in 4-H, and she loves volunteering. Once a foster child, she understood what foster children experience during this difficult time, and therefore, decided to create her personal platform: Paks of Hope. She stuffs backpacks full of items she wished she had while in foster care and brings them to her local CASA. Grace also enjoys playing the piano, shooting sports, and visiting local nursing homes. Grace won the Princess of America Miss Southern States Preteen title in March and competed at the national finals in Branson at the end of July. Grace won 1RU in Preteen Casual Wear and Spokesmodel along with 3RU in Sweetheart, 1RU in Jr Ambassador, and 1RU in Preteen overall. In November 2019, Grace competed at America's Majestic Miss and won the National Preteen title.

Khyleigh Caillier

Khyleigh Caillier is the daughter of Josh and Lacey and live near the "Home of Heroes" at Fort Polk, LA. Khyleigh is active in sports, pageants, and volunteerism. She travels with her older sister, Kaitlyn, to volunteer wherever there is a need. Khyleigh volunteers with service for military families, promotes literacy, helps her environment by teaching her classmates about recycling, and so much more! Last year, Khyleigh won Miss Elementary School at LA High School America and will represent Louisiana at the national finals of Miss High School America. She also has 2 puppies, and can always make you smile! In November 2019, Khyleigh earned 1RU at America's Majestic Miss Nationals, which was her first time competing at the national level.

2019 May Girl of the Month
Khyleigh Caillier2
Olivia Valentine 2
2019 June Girl of the Month


Olivia Valentine is a recent high school graduate from Texas who will attend LSU in the fall to major in theatre and environmental advocacy. Olivia's platform is juvenile dermatomyositis and she has raised funds to earn her silver award with the Girl Scouts. She loves the Japanese culture theatre, and is a competitive swimmer. Over the summer, Olivia took home the 3RU position in the South Texas National American Miss competition. 

Rylee Fonte is the daughter of Paul and Rikki of Texas! She's the baby of three older brothers, but she's sweet as pie! She loves baking for the fire and policemen and promotes her platform: The Crayon Initiative. She recently earned her Gold Presidential Service Award. She loves competitive cheering, learning American Sign Language, and being her usual silly-self! Over the summer she placed top ten at South Texas National American Miss then later competed at Regency Internationals. She came home with the Platinum Service Award (the only little miss contestant to have earned this!) and finished 1RU in the Little Miss division!


2019 July Girl of the Month
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Lili Shuger 1.jpg
2019 August Girl of the Month


Lili Shuger is the 16 daughter of Michael & Judi, from Colorado. She is the reigning Jr Teen United Continents and promotes her personal platform: Ocean & Coral Reef Conservation. She's a scuba diver who just got her free diving certification. Lili also loves learning about the Japanese culture, training to become a mermaid, and has a passion for the theatre. She's already had three professional roles, one of which as was Anne in the 'Diary of Anne Frank.' Over the summer, Lili competed in Royal International Miss. Lili won the Jr Teen International Talent title with her vocal performance. She also finished 1RU in the Jr Teen division. 

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