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Larissa is 13 years old and a 7th grader at B Garza MS where she is in the cheer squad and a member of student council. She  has a passion for service and has been involved in community service and volunteerism since the age of 5. Larissa  is also the  founder of the V. O.I.C.E Movement: Volunteerism and Outreach In Communities Everywhere. She encourages others to use their Voice and make a difference in their community.  She has worked with a plethora of organizations from Flip Flops to the World, Palm Valley Animal Center, the Laurie P Andrews Center, Recycled Rovers No Kill Animal Shelter, City of Weslaco blessing boxes, food drives, recycling, toy donations, and so much more! In 2020 and 2021, she was awarded the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service award by TCM for tireless efforts to do good and help others. Larissa is the reigning Jr Miss Texas Regency International who recently won 2021 Jr Miss Regency International in July held in Las Vegas.

2021 February Girl of the Month

Larissa Rodriguez


Watch Larissa's interview with TCM Owner, Erin

2021 April Girl of the Month

Hayden Johnson

Hayden comes to us from Louisiana and loves painting, volunteering, modeling, and acting. Hayden's personal platform is Autism Awareness and also runs an anti-bullying community of nearly 1,000 members on Roblox. She has also appeared in four magazines and starred in a movie!

Watch Hayden's interview with TCM Owner, Erin

Chelsea Hinson comes to us from Webster, TX. She has three pets, one of which is a three-legged rescue kitty. She loves kayaking and playing the viola, among volunteering with several organizations. Chelsea one days hopes to become a NIC-U nurse. Chelsea has earned several Presidential Volunteer Service awards for her many hours, but this year she has really taken to her BRAVE Buddies campaign which are hand-made bears that she passes out to the elderly, NIC-U babies, children in foster care and with special needs. In June, Chelsea competed at Miss Jr High School America. 

2021 June Girl of the Month

Chelsea Hinson

2021 July Girl of the Month
_D5A6366a8x10a (1).jpg

Elizabeth Grace Grimes

Grace Grimes is the 14 year old daughter of Wesley & Lisa Grimes. Grace loves mountain biking, drawing, snow boarding, hiking, and so much more! She spends quite a bit of her time volunteering in many different areas. She has started a Free Little Library in her community and continues to focus on her non-profit organization: Paks of Hope. As a former foster child, Grace has become an advocate for foster children and collects donated items to stuff into backpacks which she donates to foster care services around the country. While at USA National Miss in July 2021, Grace was honored with the Humanitarian Award and has earned a few Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. 

Carys is the 10 year old daughter of Ginger & Jeremiah from Oklahoma! Carys loves dance, painting, reading and volunteering with her personal platform: ADHD - The Super Power in Me! Carys uses her sewing skills to make superhero capes to give to other children who have learning disabilities so they can learn to embrace what makes them special & unique! Carys represented Oklahoma at Princess of America national finals in July and came home with Top 10 Jr Superstar, 4RU Overall in the Little Miss division and 1RU in Little Miss Spokesmodel. Carys also placed 2RU in the Jr Ambassador division, which is based on volunteerism! Carys will focus the rest of her year on her platform and nationwide campaign #ShoutYourSuperPower! 

2021 August Girl of the Month

Carys Adams

2021 September Girl of the Month

Sophie Cruze is the 17 year old daughter of Stacy & Tammy. She is in her Senior year of high school and stays busy with theatre, volunteering, and helping her hometown of New Orleans. Sophie has worked with many service organizations that help the homeless, our military men & women, hospitals, food banks, and so much more. In January 2022, Sophie will represent Louisiana at Teen Earth USA in Orlando. 


Sophie Cruze.jpg
2021 October Girl of the Month
Shuger (1).jpeg

Lili Shuger

Lili Shuger is a long time pageant girl with a love for theater, mermaids, and saving the oceans. A recent high school graduate from Colorado, Lili now is studying in Michigan to obtain a BFA in musical theatre. Lili works Wands and Wishes Occasions playing Disney Princesses to spread magical moments to all she meets. Lili has several interests but above all she loves scuba diving. Lili is a Certified scuba diver for 6 years, and has gone through three certifications to become a search and rescue scuba diver. She has volunteered for years having accumulated several hundreds of hours to have previously earned the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service award. Lili has won numerous state, national and international titles, and this January, she will represent Michigan at Teen Miss Earth USA before college retirement. 

2021 GOTM

Rylee Fonte is the ten year old daughter of Paul & Rikki. Rylee is very active in her community and school where she is in Student Council, choir, and performing arts. Rylee loves volunteering with the animal shelter by making dog toys out of old t-shirts; collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House; and promoting her personal platform: Crayola Initiative. She collects broken crayons and dried markers to be recycled into new! Rylee has earned several Gold Presidential Volunteer service awards! One day she hopes to be a cheer coach!

2021 November Girl of the Month

Rylee Fonte

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