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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

JULY 2024

Jul 1: TCM mom, Megan Cline's birthday

Jul 4: Independence Day

July 6-13: Royal International Miss (Orlando)

Jul 7-13: International United Miss (Orlando)

Jul 11-13: CANCUN NAM (Arizona)

Jul 13: TCM mom, Jennie Martinez's birthday

Jul 13-20: USA National Miss (Orlando)

Jul 15-20: Princess of America (Branson)

Jul 17-20: World Imperial Beauties (Orlando)

Jul 20: 2018 TCM Girl of the Year, Gabriela Gonzales' birthday

Jul 21-27: North America Pageant (Orlando)

Jul 22-27: USA Ambassador (Orlando)

Jul 23-27: America's Ideal Miss

Jul 27: TCM girl, Pinkie Pineda's birthday

Jul  30: TCM girl, Victoria Johnson's birthday

Jul 31-Aug 1: Teen USA (Hollywood, CA)

Jul 31-Aug 3: Petite USA


Aug 1: Teen USA Finals (Hollywood, CA)

Aug 9-11: Nation of States (NE)

Aug 13: TCM Mom of the Year, Tammy Cruze's birthday

Aug 21: TCM girl, Olivia Valentine's birthday

Aug 24-25: Oklahoma Volunteer Pageant 


Sept 1-18: TCM Office Closed

Sept 27-30: TCM Office Closed


Oct 2: TCM mom, Judi Shuger's birthday

Oct 5: TCM girl, Bianca Villalobos birthday

Oct 18-19: FL UNM (Orlando)

2024 Year of Service



Week 9: Promote Literacy / Mar 2- National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss)

Week 10: Volunteer for nursing home residents

Week 11: Share compliments

Week 12: Mar 21- World Down Syndrome Socks Day 

Week 13: Help out your neighbors


Week 1: Donate Clothes /  Household goods


Week 2: Law enforcement appreciation

Week 3: Clean a park or public spot

Week 4: Donate pet food to animal selters


Week 5: Feb 2: Wear RED Day for Heart Health Month

Week 6: Valentine's for Vets

Week 7: Volunteer for your platform

Week 8: Spruce up local gardens


Week 14: Mar 31 - Crayola Initiative (Recycle crayons) & Apr 2, World Autism Day - Wear BLUE

Week 15: Donate to women's shelters

Week 16: Healthcare Appreciation

Week 17: Earth Week


Week 18: Educators Appreciation Week

Week 19: Melanoma Monday, May 6

Week 20: Donate to Foster Care Services

Week 21: Physical Fitness Week

Week 22: Red Nose Day, May 26; Service for Military and Families


Week 23: Donate to cancer services

Week 24: Ocean Conservation Awareness Week

Week 25: Volunteer for some else's platform

Week 26: Help the homeless

Service Weeks


Week 27: Military Appreciation

Week 28: Donate books & toys

Week 29: Practice the 5 R's (Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle)

Week 30: Donate school supplies


Week 31: Donate to food banks

Week 32: Donate old school uniforms/clothes

Week 33: Community Clean Up

Week 34: Confidence Builder Week

Week 35: Donate to women & children's shelters


Week 36: Donate old blankets, towels, socks

Week 37: National Day of Service & Remembrance (Sept 11)

Week 38: World Clean up Day (Sept18)

Week 39:  Kick-Off to Socktober


Week 40: Oct 5, World Day of Bullying Prevention - Wear Blue!


Week 41: Oct 11, TCM Pretty in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness - Wear PINK

Week 42: Donate old Halloween costumes to shelters, CPS / Foster

Week 43: Volunteer at Fun Run


Week 44: Adoption Awareness Month

Week 45: Nov 11, Veteran's Day

Week 46: Nov 15, America National Recycles Day

Week 47: Donate to the food bank


Week 48: Giving Tuesday, Nov 26


Week 49: Donate to Toys for Tots / Ring the Bell / Angel Tree

Week 50: Donate coats for kids

Week 51: Donate blankets to shelters

Week 52: Donate to animal shelters

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